Yoga reminds me to slow down, be present, and celebrate each breath – even when it hurts!

Like painting, I started my yoga practice began in Summer 2015. At the time, I had an on-again, off-again qi gong practice.  I started a nightly yin yoga practice to help me relax and soon, I was sleeping through the night. In addition to the nightly yin practice, I also began a vinyasa practice with the assistance of free yoga videos on YouTube. In October 2015, I took my first class at Downtown Yoga in Hammond, LA and I have been a regular student ever since.

In Fall 2015, both my father and grandfather passed away. My regular yoga practice provided me with physical, spiritual, and emotional strength while grieving their loss and balancing my career as a university professor.

This summer, I began a  200-hour SmartFLOW® Yoga Teacher Training at Downtown Yoga. The training is led by Britni Serou of Downtown Yoga and Janet Katz of Second Story Yoga in Memphis, TN.

As a yoga teacher, I hope to: (1) create an inclusive environment that makes yoga accessible to everybody; (2) accompany individuals on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment; (3) contribute to a supportive and inclusive yoga community. Upon completion of teacher training, I hope to offer local q-munity empowerment yoga classes for LGBTQ yogis and allies. These body-positive, gender-affirming, classes will be intended to help individuals strengthen their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and grow a supportive LGBTQ community.