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Stand Tall and Strong – Back to School Yoga Challenge – Day 2

Y’all this challenge has got me feeling nostalgic! 

Growing up, one of my favorite things about back to school time was shopping for new clothes and picking out the coolest outfit for the first day of school. It was an exciting time, but shopping wasn’t always fun.

As a fat kid, I rarely got to wear the clothes that I wanted to. I was always relegated to the “husky” section and had to settle for what fit. By the time I was in high school, shopping had lost it’s charm altogether. I spent hours following my friends around the mall and waiting for them to try on clothes why I tried to avoid the question, “can I help you find something?”

“No – you don’t carry my size.” I’d say, trying to end the interaction quickly to avoid further humiliation. Sometimes the sales person would inquire about my size, and assure me that “our sizes run big” but more often than not, they’d tell me to look for extended sizes online. I didn’t realize the lasting effect fatphobia in the fashion industry had on me until recently. It wasn’t just that I felt ashamed of my body or that I couldn’t wear the same clothes as my friends. I didn’t get to develop a personal style.

RuPaul says “you’re born naked and the rest is drag.” But my drag has been exactly that. For most of my life, I’ve settled for what fit or what I was expected to wear. But no more. As a fat-queer grown up, I’ve committed to finding a personal style that allows me to feel strong and confident in ways that I’ve never experienced before. And that brings us to today’s theme…

Practicing yoga has taught me the power of radical self-love. That I am worthy, and dare I say, perfect just as I am. Today, I’m inviting you to practice some yoga postures that make you feel tall and strong. In this video, I suggest mountain pose, tree pose, or warrior 1, but of course you’re welcome to practice any posture that is calling to you. 

Leave a comment and let us know which poses empower you to feel tall and strong. Or, for today’s journal prompt tell us about your favorite piece of clothing or an outfit that makes you feel confident.

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