Artist’s Statement

I began painting in June 2015, shortly after my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had always wanted to paint but never did.  I began with watercolors. They were low cost and not as messy as acrylics or oils. I was mesmerized by their beauty and how the pigments blend and flow together. That summer, painting was my escape. My father passed away in August 2015, but I continue to paint.

For me, painting is a meditative process. I can escape the nagging stress of my professional life and explore new dimensions of my Self and the universe one brush stroke or paint drop at a time. My recent work is abstract. Through abstract art, we escape the world of forms and categories and see the universe as it is: a series of wiggles. My goal is to free you from obligatory and patterned reactions to familiar scenes and to inspire a new and organic understanding of your Self and the universe we share.

Ultimately, I paint because it’s fun and makes me happy. I share my art with you because I hope it will make you happy, too.