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Grounding Meditation (with Cosmo)

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Fat Kid Yoga Club on Great Day Louisiana

Make it a Great Day with Fat Kid Yoga Club!

Jaclyn and I had a blast filming a segment about Fat Kid Yoga Club for Great Day Louisiana. If you don’t know Jaclyn, you should! She’s the owner of Jaci Blue – New Orleans’ only plus-size boutique, a self-love coach, and a curvy community organizer.

We know it can be intimidating to try something new – especially if you are in a bigger body. That’s why Jaclyn and I began offering accessible yoga for plus-size people in her shop last year. We quickly outgrew her space and that’s when we moved to Balance Yoga and Wellness.

At Fat Kid Yoga Club, we offer a fun, body-positive environment where you can feel good in your body in a truly judgment-free zone. It’s really healing to take time to be in your body – especially when the whole world is telling you that your body is wrong.

I have always been a fat kid and it wasn’t until recently that I got comfortable calling myself the F-word. For me, it’s been an important step in repairing my relationship with my body. I believe that EVERY body is a yoga body. Everyone, regardless of their age, size, or strength can practice yoga right now. In Fat Kid Yoga Club, we explore what’s possible in the bodies we have today.

Self-care is an important part of our practices. I encourage you to take water breaks and to ask questions. This is truly your practice and you are in control. I hope that by participating in Fat Kid Yoga Club you’ll feel confident to take other mainstream yoga or fitness classes without having to wrestle with your inner critic.

In the segment, I offer some really great tips on how you can make downward-facing dog feel better in your body – regardless of your size, strength, or level of flexibility.

I offer Fat Kid Yoga Classes Sundays at 5:30pm at Balance Yoga and Wellness located at 120 S. Cortez Street in New Orleans. Don’t live in New Orleans or can’t make it to the studio! No problem – I also offer Fat Kid Yoga Club Online!

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Summer of Self-Care Retreat with Laura Burns

Enjoy an inclusive and accessible weekend of yoga and relaxation in the Texas Hill Country.

I am thrilled to partner with my friend Laura Burns to co-host our Summer of Self-Care retreat June 19 – 21, 2020 in Wimberly, Texas.

Laura and I created the video below to give an overview of what to expect, but here are the highlights:

  • A weekend of ACCESSIBLE yoga practices
  • A weight-neutral, body-positive, no diet-talk space
  • Gender-inclusive atmosphere (ALL are welcome here)
  • Delicious gourmet meals
  • Refreshing crystal clear creeks
  • Body love exercises
  • Crafting and making art
  • Building a self-care toolbox
  • Summer Solstice Celebration

To learn more or register, visit:

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Introducing Yoga Recess!

Have you moved your body joyfully, today?

Fat Kid Yoga Club members now have a new opportunity to practice with me! Yoga Recess videos are short and accessible yoga asana practices that are perfect for days when you’re “too busy” to roll out your mat.

Head over to to learn more and sign up now!

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New Year, New Opportunities to Practice with Me!

The New Year is a great time to recommit to yourself and your yoga practice.

Can’t touch your toes? No problem! I pride myself on offering yoga asana practices that are accessible for every BODY regardless of size/shape, age, strength, or flexibility. And I invite YOU to join me in 2020.

Weekly In-Person Offerings

Basic Flow – Sunday 9:00 AM at Great for beginners and will focus on detailed verbal instructions of basic asanas (yoga poses). Students will begin to understand movement linked to the breath. This class moves slower than our All Levels class, allowing for more instruction and clarity in building the foundation of the basic poses.

Fat Kid Yoga Club – Sunday 5:30 PM at Balance Yoga & Wellness 
(New Orleans) Fat Kid Yoga Club provides a place where practitioners of all levels and folks in plus-size/bigger bodies can experience the benefits of yoga. Here you’ll celebrate your body through movement and accept what’s possible one practice at a time. This class combines breath with movement and alignment-based instruction. Perfect for all bodies and levels of experience.

Yoga for Bigger Bodies – Friday 5:30 PM Downtown Yoga 
(Hammond) offers weight-neutral, body-positive instruction for plus-sized practitioners. Bigger Bodies classes incorporate movement, breathwork, and restorative yoga postures. No experience necessary!

Please confirm dates and times with respective studios.

Fat Kid Yoga Club – Online

Can’t make it to the studio? No worries! You can practice with me online via Patreon. There are membership options for every budget. Learn more at

Fat Kid Yoga Club members receive exclusive discounts on FKYC merchandise and events.

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Braving Body Shame

What’s your body shame story?

I am honored to participate in the inaugural Braving Body Shame conference. This conference is important because it is intersectional and accessible. It brings together diverse stories and experiences to demonstrate the impact of body shame on all of our lives.

In terms of accessibility, Braving Body Shame is FREE and fully online. There are also options to receive interview transcripts.

The conference launches in February – you can learn more and register on the Braving Body Shame website:

I hope you’ll “tune in” to hear my story!

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Fat Kid Yoga Club Shirts are Here!

Start 2020 in style with some Fat Kid Yoga Club Gear

I’m excited to announce that I have launched the Fat Kid Yoga Club store via Tee Spring. Folks have been asking for shirts since June and I’m happy that I can finally deliver. Shirts are available up to 5XL.

Head on over to to order your shirt now. Don’t forget to use the code FKYC2020 to save 10% on your order until January 31, 2020.

Special thanks to Emily from Drawer Full of Drawings for the awesome new logo!

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Set Your Intentions for 2020

How will you show up in the new year?

We’re all familiar with making resolutions for the New Year, but too often our resolutions end in failure. This year, join me and set an intention that you can celebrate and return to throughout the year. No more failures only new opportunities!

I’m excited to host a special workshop on setting intentions at Downtown Yoga on Saturday, January 4 at 10:30 am.

This workshop will explain the practice of setting intentions (in yoga asana classes as well as daily life) and discuss how yoga philosophy (primarily, the yamas and niyamas) can inform our intentions. The workshop will include some brief meditation/reflection exercises and journaling. Workshop participants will receive a handout with relevant information. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of the Yoga Sutras (optional).

Learn more or register at .

Can’t make it to the workshop?

No worries! I recorded a similar practice for Fat Kid Yoga Club members that will be released on January 1.

Visit to sign up!

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How to Teach Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Yoga is for EVERY-body. But not all yoga teachers are trained to offer accessible classes for folks in bigger bodies. This creates a barrier that prevents many plus-size would be yogis from accessing the benefits of the practice.

If you’re a thin/average/not-fat yoga teacher who wants to create accessible classes, I want to help! I teamed up with my good friend Laura Burns founder of Radical Body Love Yoga to talk about how yoga instructors can make their classes fat-friendly. In the video below, you’ll find our tips for offering inclusive yoga classes for everybody.

Want to Learn More?

Check out the resources below!

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Child’s Pose –
Sit Cross Legged –
Step to the Top –

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How to Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is one of the most common yoga poses, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy! I’ve met many people who either HATE child’s pose or struggle to make it restful. 

This week’s Fat Kid Yoga Club practice is a mini-workshop on child’s pose. We’ll start off with a self-assessment, taking time to notice our embodied experience of the posture.

Are you limited by pain or an injury? It’s important to discuss these issues with a medical professional as well as your yoga teacher. 

Are you just uncomfortable in child’s pose? There may be ways to shift or support your body with props to find ease.

Maybe you’re “not flexible enough” – that’s okay. With practice, you may become more flexible. But, bone structure and body shape/size also play a part in how our bodies move, bend, and flex.

In this Fat Kid Yoga Club practice video, I provide adaptions for each of these challenges using different yoga props, so before you get started you may want to have some blocks, a blanket or towel, a bolster or cushion, and a chair nearby.

If you found this video helpful, please consider supporting me and joining the Fat Kid Yoga Club on my Patreon Page: